Two-hour delay for Air Malta flight due to security measures

Air Malta’s return flight KM513 to Malta experienced a two-hour delay following security measures taken by the Austrian immigration police at Vienna airport. According to a press statement two Syrian nationals travelling on Air Malta flight KM512 from Malta to Vienna were not allowed to disembark the aircraft on their arrival in Vienna.

The two Syrians commenced their travel from Damascus to Cairo and then to Malta. From Malta they boarded the Air Malta flight to Vienna. Their ticket itinerary showed they had an onward connection to Armenia. The passengers were regularly and properly documented throughout their whole journey.

On arrival at Vienna all other passengers on the aircraft disembarked normally but the two Syrians were requested to remain onboard by the Austrian immigration officials. The same officials directed Air Malta to transport the two passengers back to Malta on the return flight. For safety and security reasons the operating Captain refused to carry the passengers back to Malta unless they are accompanied by security officers.

Following consultations between the airline and the immigration authorities the two Syrian passengers were allowed to disembark and were handed over to the Austrian Authorities.

Every effort was made by Air Malta to minimise the inconvenience to passengers and to reduce the extent of the delay.

Fonte: Roseanne Sammut (MaltaMedia Online - 08/10/2004)