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Kerry's Jewish brother to visit Israel
By Aluf Benn

Cameron Kerry, the younger brother of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee in the United States, Senator John Kerry, is expected to visit Israel next week. He is scheduled to meet with Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, the director of the Prime Minister's office, Dov Weisglass, head of the opposition MK Shimon Peres, and others. Accompanying Cameron Kerry on his tour of the country will be Senator Kerry's adviser on Israel affairs, Jay Footlik.
Cameron Kerry converted to Judaism when he married Kathy Weinman of Michigan, and later learned that his paternal grandparents were Czech Jews who had converted to Christianity before immigrating to the U.S.
Despite maintaining a low profile, Cameron Kerry is considered very close to his brother and heavily involved in his election campaign.

e questo Ŕ il comunicato del ministero degli esteri dell'entitÓ sionista :

Shalom welcomes Cameron Kerry
15 Jul 2004
FM Shalom welcomed Cameron Kerry, brother of US presidential candidate John Kerry, on his first visit to Israel and thanked him for his friendship and support.

(Communicated by the Foreign Minister's Bureau)

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Silvan Shalom met with Cameron Kerry, brother of US presidential candidate John Kerry, today (15.07.04). FM Shalom welcomed Kerry on his first visit to Israel and thanked him for his friendship and support.
FM Shalom emphasized that the United States and Israel share a special relationship and that support cuts across all political lines. He noted that the shared values of democracy and freedom and shared strategic interests underlie the strong ties between the two countries.
In answers to questions from reporters regarding coalition negotiations, Shalom said that the most important element is to preserve the ideals and values that the Likud represents. "We need a strong Likud that shapes and determines policy. If we form a government that leaves out entirely the ultra-Orthodox, the national, and the religious parties, then we have formed a government that leaves out all of our Likud supporters," Shalom said.

e per finire la storia della famiglia Kerry, da sempre ebrea e convertita al cattolicesinmo a inizio 1900 prima di emigrare dall'austria negli states.....e ora tornati all'ovile

Cameron Kerry returned to his Jewish heritage

Cameron Kerry, brother of Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry, converted to Judaism in 1983. Both of Kerry's paternal grandparents were Jews. They converted to Catholicism before Cameron's and John's father was even born. Today, John Kerry is still a Catholic. Cameron converted to Judaism, apparently years before discovering his Jewish heritage.

When Massachusetts Senator John Kerry learned last year that his paternal grandparents in 19th-century Austria had converted to Catholicism from Judaism, one of the first people he called was his younger brother, Cameron.
The younger Kerry was surprised.

In an interview at John Kerry's New York headquarters last Friday, Cameron Kerry told the Forward that his family had "an inkling" that they had a Jewish grandmother, but no "concrete" evidence. Furthermore, he said, his grandparents' conversion, which was discovered by the Boston Globe, struck him as "ironic." The younger Kerry, 53, had converted to Judaism from Catholicism in 1983, upon marrying a Jewish woman, Kathy Weinman.

Kerry's paternal grandfather, Frederick A. Kerry (born Fritz Kohn), was born in the town of Horni Benesov, Austria-Hungary (in what is now the Moravian-Silesian Region of the Czech Republic), and grew up in M÷dling (a small town near Vienna, Austria). He immigrated to the US arriving at Ellis Island with his wife Ida (nÚe Loewe, who was born in Budapest, Hungary) and son Erich on May 18, 1905. Mildred was born (c. 1910) in Illinois, and son Richard was born (c. 1916) in Massachusetts. The Kerry-Kohns were German-speaking Jews, but the family concealed its background upon migrating to the United States, and raised the Kerry children as Catholics. A Czech historian has shown that Ida is a descendant of Sinai Loew, one of three older brothers of Rabbi Judah Loew (1525-August 22, 1609), a famous Kabbalist, philosopher and talmudist known as the Maharal of Prague.

Frederick A ... Kerry, shoe merchant, b. as Fritz Kohn at dwelling 224, Bennisch, Austria [now Horni BeneÜov, Severomoravsky province, Czech Republic], 10 May 1873, birth recorded among the Jewish births on the last folio (folio 77) of vol. VII (1866-1873) of the Roman Catholic birth records of the Bennisch parish, baptized along with his wife and infant son Erich at the Pfarrkirche St. Othmar in M÷dling, Austria, on 9 Oct. 1901 (Erich had been born at M÷dling, Feldgasse 67, on 26 Feb. 1901), by decree of 17 Dec 1901 of the Austrian Statthalterei in Vienna the name Kohn was officially changed to Kerry (for Fritz, his wife Ida, geb. L÷we, and their son Erich) at which time Fritz was listed as born in Bennisch but originating from Freudenthal, and currently working as a supplier for a shoe factory in M÷dling (the name change was ordered in Austrian Silesia on 17 March 1902 at Troppau), sailed (with his wife and son Erich) on the Koenigin Luise departing from Genoa, Italy, on 4 May 1905 and arriving in New York (Ellis Island) on 18 May 1905, filed a Declaration of Intention for naturalization in the Circuit Court of Cook Co., Ill., on 21 June 1907, and a Petition of Naturalization in the same Court on 6 Feb. 1911, d. (suicide by pistol shot to the head in the men's lavatory of the Copley Plaza Hotel, 487 Boylston Street) Boston, Mass., 23 Nov. 1921, age 48y 6m 13d, bur. Holyhood Cemetery, Brookline, Mass. 25 Nov. 1921 m. M÷dling 9 Jan. 1900
Ida L÷we, b. Zoltßn utca 2, Lipˇtvßros district, Budapest, Hungary, 22 Feb. 1877, d. Sarasota, Fla., 19 Jan. 1960, bur. with her husband in Holyhood Cemetery, Brookline, Mass.


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la nonna di Kerry(Ida) Ŕ una discendente di Rabbi Judah Loew (1525-August 22, 1609)......voi direte: e chi Ŕ??

eccolo chi Ŕ :

Il Golem di Praga

Nel XVI secolo, durante il regno di Rodolfo II, viveva a Praga un vecchio ebreo di nome Rabbi Judah Loew. A quel tempo, gli ebrei a Praga vivevano nella paura in quanto vittime di continue aggressioni. Rabbi Loew decise di proteggere gli ebrei dal massacro dando vita al Golem, un gigante che secondo la Cabala poteva essere generato dall'argilla che si trovava sulle rive della Moldava. Seguendo i rituali prescritti, il Rabbino creo il Golem e lo porto in vita recitando uno speciale incantesimo in ebraico. La parola "emet" (veritÓ) fu posta sulla fronte del gigante d'argilla.

Il Golem avrebbe obbedito ad ogni ordine del Rabbino e avrebbe aiutato e protetto la popolazione del Ghetto ebraico. Col tempo il Golem si fece sempre pi¨ grande ma anche sempre pi¨ violento e comincio ad uccidere e a spargere il terrore. Al Rabbi Loew venne promesso che la violenza contro gli ebrei sarebbe cessata se il Golem fosse stato distrutto. Il Rabbino acconsenti. Eliminando la prima lettera dalla parola "emet", facendola cosý diventare "met" (morte), venne tolta la vita al Golem. Secondo la leggenda, il Golem fu riportato di nuovo in vita dal figlio del Rabbi Loew e potrebbe ancora oggi vegliare su Praga.

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